Aisam Qureshi, Honourable Speaker of House of Commons, John Bercow


On so many levels, Aisam and Robert have produced inspirational book. It tells us of the importance of aiming high, of the need to nourish talent by application and self-discipline, of the primacy of mental strength alongside physical and, above all, of the capacity of sport as an alternative of violence.

What shines through in the book is that Aisam Ul-Haq Qureshi is not merely a talent man blessed with a family who loves him and whom he loves. He is a man with keen sense of the responsibility that his success on the court brings. Instead of merely thinking of himself and enjoying the fruits by his own labours, he is  constantly working to tackle prejudice, to promote understanding between peoples of different backgrounds and creeds and to argue a case for peaceful cooperation in a world too often riven by strife.

Aisam is a lot more than a tennis player. He is an outstanding ambassador and role model for young people and for sporting competitors everywhere. His grace, modesty and eloquence are immediately obvious to anyone who meets him and, with the help Robert Davis, they leap out at the leader from the page of this book.

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